Tumor M2-PK: a tool for metabolic profiling of colorectal tumors

Staining of a rectal carcinoma

with monoclonal antibodies against Tumor M2-PK

The normal rectal mucosa is not stained with the Tumor M2-PK specific antibody whereas the carcinoma is Tumor M2-PK positive.

The Tumor M2-PK staining of primary tumors is usually heterogeneous whereas their metastases are always very homogeneously stained.

Staining of a liver metastasis from rectal carcinoma

with monoclonal antibodies against tumor M2-PK

Vmax activities were measured spectrophotometrically according to the following reaction:

Tumor M2-PK measurements in stool and EDTA-plasma samples:
Hans-Ulrich Klör
Philip D. Hardt

Tumor M2-PK concentrations were measured with a sandwich ELISA from ScheBo Biotech AG Giessen, Germany.